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Chicken, the protein most often selected in the US. Poultry is a family favorite that comes in all shapes and sizes to please all ages. With the love spread across the nation, it goes without saying this is “Big Business”.

In our world, the processing and packaging of these birds are where we come into play. With technology running the processing and packaging machinery, the cutting edge must be up to par and ready to handle the task at hand. Some machines can process upwards of 35,000 chickens per hour making for a challenging task for any piece of equipment. Being able to ensure proper cutting, deboning and maximizing quality yield is required to keep the process achieving best results for the production line as well as for the consumer pocket.

In processing chicken for packaging, blades must be extremely sharp and high quality to offer the highest yield of end product and the dependability to meet expectation. Any downtime due to faulty cuts can cost a company thousands of dollars, which is simply unacceptable.

Once the chicken has been plucked, cut, washed, and deboned as desired it’s on to packaging. As in any packaging process, speed and accuracy are determining factors in packaging meeting time frames and a desirable end result. When dealing with meats of any kind a delay in packaging can be quite costly as meats that take to long to process can not be used for human consumption.

Whether, being packaged in vacuumed packed bags or plastic wrapped containers accuracy is a must. Again, the dependability of a sharp blade, repeatedly providing exact quality cuts will produce a successful end, with high quality product that can be passed along to the consumer.

Whether you are looking for a blade that provides quality cutting in the poultry business, potato chip business, paper bags or more, Hard Edge Tool is here providing quality precision you can count on. With customer service that is second to none, we are confident that you will be pleased with all aspects of our service.