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Circular / Shear / Score & Core

Hardedge Tool stocks the most popular circular slitter, shear, score, and core blades in the finest quality and at the best price for our customers. We are sure to have what you need, when you need it. From Appleton, Arpeco, Rotoflex, Kidder, Cameron, Dusenberry, Tidland, Coretech to Paco- we have you covered. Our Female Bottom Knives, Score Slitters, and Core Cutters are manufactured from high quality bar stock, with outstanding edge quality and dimensional accuracy. Our Top Dished Slitter knives- manufactured from industry leading aircraft, ball bearing, cross rolled steel sheets- provide our customers with the dimensional accuracy and hardness that they need to complete their toughest jobs. Improve your production by calling or emailing for pricing today.

Circular / Shear / Score & Core Blades for all Popular OEM’s, carbon, D-2 & HSS steel materials.

Item Number Blade Description
HS-2.000A Appleton Core Cutter HSS Slitter..2.000″x .312″x .062″
HS-2.000T Appleton Core Cutter HSS Slitter-Gold..2.000″x .312″x .062″
HS-2.500A Appleton M-2 Core Cutter/2 Keyways..2.500″x .312″x .062″..
HS-2.531AR HT Arpeco/RotoFlex Top Shear Slitter..2.531″x 1.574″x .039″..
HS-3.000A Appleton Core Cutter-2 keys- HSS#130592..3.00″x .312″x .062″
HS-3.00A Appleton Core Cutter HSS-Plain Bore..3.00″x .312″x .062″
HS-3.000K HT Kidder Top Dish Slitter..3.000″x 1.750″x .067″..WZ0009A
HS-3.03C HT Cameron 793A Score Slitter..3.03″x .866″x .249″
HS-3.03CT HT Cameron 793A Thin Rim Score Slitter..3.03″x .866″x .249″-.055/.030T” Rim
HS-3.03D HT Dusenberry 428B Score Slitter..3.03″x .748″x .244″
HS-3.05Cor. HT 3″Coretech Core Cutter..3.05″x .500″x .250″
HS-3.250A M-2 Appleton Core Cutter#140657..3.250″x .312″x .062″
HS-3.543TD HT Tidland Cl1 D-2 Top Dished Slitter..3.543″x 2.362″x .047″
HS-3.543TM HT Tidland Cl1 M-2 Top Dished Slitter..3.543″x 2.362″x .047″
HS-3.543TM F HT Tidland CL1 M-2 Top Flat Slitter..3.543″x 2.362″x .047″..#131937
HS-3.574DB HT Dusenbery SB Botton Knives..3.574″x 2.361″x .375″
HS-4.00D HT Dusenberry Core Cutter#229062..4.00″x .750″x .125″..
HS-4.030Cor. HT Coretech 4″ Core Cutter..4.030″x .500″x .250″..
HS-4.133AR HT Arrow Top Dished Slitter/Compound Bevel..4.133″x 2.952″x .047″..
HS-4.158 D HT Dusenbery Top Dish Slitter#783036..4.158″x 3.192″x .049″
HS-4.50C HT Cameron Score Slitter..4.50″x 1.250″x .093″..
HS-5.118T HT Tidland D-2 Top Dish Shear Slitter..5.118″x 3.150″x .059″
HS-5.500″P HT Paco K 17 Core Cutter..5.500″x 1.750″x .062″..
HS-5.906TD HT Tidland Cl2 D-2 Top Dished Slitter..5.906″x 3.150″x .098″..#128401
HS-6.00 B HT Top Shear Slitter-Beloit..6.00″x 2.875″x .093″
HS-6.00Cor HT 6″ Coretech Core Cutter..6.00″x 1.500″x .093″..
HS-8.00 B HT D-2 Top Shear- Beloit..8.000″x 2.875″x .093″..1B855S1F5
HS-748-00 HT 1/2″ Euro Pneumatic Score Knife Holder Complete
HS-866-00 HT 1/2″ American Pneumatic Score Knife Holder Complete

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