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Everyday though out the US and around the World companies are dependent on reliable, quality, industrial razor blades to perform properly and provide excellent results. While many may consider a lesser quality to do the job, the results only lead to delay in projects and waste in material. Paper cutting, foil converting, packaging, rubber converting and countless other possible purposes, regardless of the use quality cannot be compromised.

Key is the right industrial razor blade for the project at hand. With a variety of options and selections the proper choice will provide the ultimate outcome in achieving high quality results. The selection can be overwhelming, right steel, right coating, right size and much more to consider, guidance from the  right business partner for the decision-making process is critical.

With more than 40 year’s experience in the industrial razor blade industry, at  Hardedge Tool we understand your Slitting & Slicing blades are vital to keeping your business operating smoothly. Our goal is to make your job easier, finding the quality blades you need, saving you time and reducing your company’s costs.