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Dated designs of boring color and hard to read block designs have been given the boot by the more trendy edged designs for 2018.

Easier access to retail leaves the larger industry giants having to compete with the small consumer packaged goods nose-to-nose. If you have ever dreamed of starting a brand, now could be the time for you to jump in.

If that is you, then keep reading as we explore the packing pitfalls to avoid and some of which are emerging this year.

1. Avoid Over Clutter and Be A Minimalist
In a society where the consumer is looking to locate necessary information quickly and easily, we are looking at a less is more thought process for the new packaging design. Be sure to embrace modern, clean cut lines, with the most relevant information about the product playing the dominant role.

2. Consumer Attention Spans Are Shrinking
With life on the go and always looking for the quick, accessible information, as discussed in the previous paragraph; there is no room for small fine print. Bold, bright lettering on a complementing background that is legible while on the shelf is a winner!

3. Step away from the familiar
While familiarity has been a winner of the past, 2018 brings a daring move to the innovative, whimsical future. Test the limits, who knows what will happen next?

4. Waste Not; Want Not
Go Biodegradable! The ongoing awareness raised regarding the impact of packaging materials on the environment has manufacturers responding to the call of the consumer to use recyclables when possible.  From plastic grocery bags to water bottles we are all aware and looking for answers.   You will become a winner in the industry by saving the waste of product packaging material while protecting the environment.

5. Soft lines And A Feminine Look
Soft color pallets, rounded edges and a classic look will be all the rage as the industry leans towards a more feminine profile. Say bye to harsh, boxy designs of the past.

Now that you have a few of the trending packaging looks for this year have fun with your new design and test the limits, who knows what’s next?

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