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The frustration of the half-full chip bag is not an uncommon one, right? I mean really, you are standing in line at the local sandwich shop, grab a bag of chips because you are too hungry to wait for them to finish your sandwich and before you hit the register, the chips are gone. Yep, the bag was half-empty (or is it half-full?)

Either way, why do manufacturers do this? Is it to make us believe we are getting more than what we are? Are they really trying to dupe us? Put a smile on your face because I have news, they know we aren’t that naive. After all we’ve been buying bags of chips for years!

So, why do they do this. The explanation is really quite simple. Quality control! Yep that’s right; it’s not air in that bag it is actually pure nitrogen gas and it has a purpose!

  • By adding nitrogen gas to the bag it prevents oxygen and water vapor from entering that bag which would cause the chips to spoil and become soggy. Nitrogen prolongs shelf life and some studies even say it makes the chips taste better.

  • Secondly, having the added space allows the chips to move and provides a protection, so they are not easily smashed.

So there you have it, we aren’t being duped by the potato chip companies, they are ensuring that we get a quality product when we open the bag. Just keep in mind, they sell these products by the weight, not by how full the bag is.

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