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Our Blades are Tops in the Paper Converting Industry.

What is the Converting Industry:

The processing of paper, plastic film, foil and related substrate materials into finished, printed packaging such as bags, pouches, labels, tags, folding cartons and corrugated shipping cases is called converting.

Paper Converting
Taking large rolls of raw paper and cut, coat, laminate, print and create a finished product such as a book or magazine. 

The converting industry in the U.S. is a $400 Million dollar industry and the process of converting rolled material for use in manufacturing is used in nearly every segment of the market. You can get some idea of the scale when you consider the sheer number of goods created every year and nearly every package, box, book, newspaper, magazine, sticker, label, bag, piece of paper etc. has, at some point, been through the converting industry. So, the next time you pick up your favorite newspaper or notice the packaging on your new TV you can be sure that some part of that product was “Converted”.

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