Industrial Razor Blades – Proper Disposal

Nov 1, 2020

Industrial Razor Blades – Proper Disposal For A Safe Work Environment

Industrial razor blades are a part of nearly every companies supply list. Converting, slitting or slicing, the right blade for the right job increases productivity and lowers overall costs of production.

As handy and necessary as they are, Safety First must be the rule at hand when it comes time for disposal.

Hazards – Properly Handling Industrial Razor Blades

Failure to dispose of an Industrial razor blade properly can cause many potential hazards in the workplace. Left lying around openly creates injury exposure for co-workers, increasing their chance of injury by getting stuck or cut by them. Placing blades in a normal trash receptacle exposes custodians and maintenance staff to possible injury while emptying trash.

Disposal – Containing Used Industrial Razor Blades

Blades should be properly recovered and placed in a proper disposal bin that is marked hazardous. Containers for the disposal of industrial razor blades have to be sent to a facility to be emptied and properly processed. These containers should be closely watched so that they are changed out before they spill over, which can create hazards to workers.

Written Policy For Clear Communication

Management staff should develop a proper disposal policy and educate all employees to this policy as well as post it in areas where disposal receptacles are placed. Setting up a monitoring schedule and ensuring that employees know the procedures for disposing of industrial razor blades properly will help to make the workplace a safer environment.