Converting Blades Are Ideal for a Variety of Applications

Nov 1, 2021

Converting blades are known for their sharpness, durability, and dependability. Manufacturers can use these cutting instruments in specialty applications such as cutting open boxes or stripping the insulation off wires. Steel service centers typically provide converting blades and related services online or offline.

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Industrial razor blades offer a high level of safety and reliability. Unsurprisingly, companies have adopted cutting blades in various applications. They’re helpful for everything from cutting fabrics to cleaning grout. Industrial razor blade services are typically provided by steel service centers online or offline.

Film slitting blades made from high-grade alloy steel can be utilized in many ways depending on the desired level of sharpness and toughness required for each application.

Customers Can Use Industrial Razor Blades for a Variety of Purposes

The two most prominent uses are for safety purposes and stripping. Therefore, we carry only the finest industrial razor blades that are durable and precise.

Industrial razors are incredibly sharp, intended to cut through objects with relative ease. This fact is why they make their way into many knife sets. However, the primary purpose of industrial razor blades is as a safety tool – acting as an alternative to other knives that can last longer and produce higher-quality finished pieces.

Film Slitting Blades Are Perfect for Precise Cuts

Film slitting blades are ideal for high-precision cutting. These blades are commonly used in the film industry to ensure they cut films into their frames without issues or defects. Since this is a particular job, industrial razor blades are ideal because they can easily cut through materials while achieving the desired result.

Converting and industrial razor blades made with high-quality materials offer long life and multiple uses. 

Converting industrial razor blade services are typically provided by steel service centers online or offline.

Slitting Blades Provide a Clean Cut Every Time

These blades are ideal for those times when a precise cut matters most. Converting blades are known for their sharpness, durability, and dependability. 

Converting blade services are typically provided by steel service centers online or offline. HardEdge Tool. Inc. carries a diverse line of slitting blades suitable for industrial cutting. Each blade type has a different feature set to help you get the most effective cuts. We specialize in industrial cutting solutions, so you can be sure we have what you need. 

Whether you’re converting paper, foil, or film, we stock blades for your job.  

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