Choose The Right Tools For Your Film Cutting Applications

Mar 1, 2022

Choose The Right Tools For Your Film Cutting Applications

Film slitting blades are the perfect solution for when you need to rewind, cut off, perforate or slit film and foil.

You should use the best tool for your film and foil converting applications to beat the competition. Machine and industrial razor blades for foil or film conversion use toothed, straight, serrated, scalloped, or pointed tip shapes for maximum efficiency. Also, check our selection of top-rated, durable edges to find options for your workflow.

Durability is a critical benefit for professionals who need converting blades to complete applications and tasks on an industrial scale. Unfortunately, replacing your cutting tools too often is expensive and time-consuming. Instead, choose supplies that are proven to withstand constant use while remaining sharp and precise.

Contact us now to learn about our blades for slitting knives. We can help with our in-stock inventory, or we can assist you by sourcing the ideal fitting blades for your process.

Film Slitting Blades Are an Essential Part of the Film Slitting Process

Professionals employ slitting blades to cut various webbing materials, including plastic films, paper, foil, cloth, and many other materials. Slitting blades derive from multiple materials, including steel or tungsten carbide. Slitting blades come available in a wide range of dimensions that enable them to meet the needs of our customers.

Slitting blades may be round, square, or diamond-shaped and can be made from various materials, including steel, carbide, and ceramic. Slitting blades also vary in thickness. Thicker blades generally result in better cutting and increased blade life. If you have specific questions about blade configurations or specifications, please reach out.

It’s Crucial to Choose the Proper Type of Blade for Your Specific Application

Leverage our forty years of experience to find the ideal blade for your particular application. Slitting edges should only be handled and sharpened by qualified and experienced professionals. 

This type of blade should be kept away from other metals and never dropped on a hard surface. Nor should they come into contact with any liquids or chemicals, as this could lead to corrosion or material damage. Keep these few factors in mind when deciding on your next order.

Film Slitting Blades Must Be Kept Sharp and in Good Condition to Produce Quality Results

You can’t afford to use old or worn-out blades for your cutting work. Slitting blades are an essential part of the film slitting process. Slitting blades are available in various sizes, styles, and materials to meet your particular application requirements. 

Slitting blade thickness can also vary depending on your purpose. Slitting blades are for trained professionals who know how to properly maintain them for optimal performance. 

Always Consult With an Industrial Professional Before Making Any Changes to Your Film Slitting Process

It’s worth checking all the details before you attempt to use different knives or blades. If you have concerns about integrating our supplies with your existing workflow, speak with a representative today. At HardEdge Tool, Inc., we have forty years of experience supplying industrial blades to industrial customers.

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