A Personal Touch in The Industrial Razor Blade Industry

Jan 1, 2024

The goal is not to sell a bag; it is to build a relationship of confidence and trust with the customer.

~Damien Vernet ~

It seems that in today’s society, the fine art of building relationships in a day to day life and business is becoming lost.

With email, text, online shopping, customer service chat and the myriad of other communication options at our disposal, finding a business that desires to build valued relationships that go beyond an item placed in a virtual shopping cart are hard to find. There is danger in loss of emotion in written forms of communication versus spoken. Genuinely hearing the needs of the client and developing a relationship with them is straightforward when you can listen to the emotion in their voice.

 While I get the need for technology, changes in processes and increasing productivity, I appreciate the fine art of verbal communication and the value it can bring to our businesses, and I fear that we are losing this quickly. The personal touch is how partnerships are cultivated and then grown into relationships that reach far beyond the business world.

My friend, the value is found in knowing who you are speaking with on the other end of the phone. Knowing that you can depend on them to help you when it matters most. Whether it is giving you the answer or pointing you to someone who can, the trust in the relationship is what is priceless.

Here at Hardedge Tool, we take great pride in knowing that when our clients call they will experience a personal touch. We desire to learn their business goals and see how we can help them reach those goals through better production and quality equipment at a great value.

It’s not just about selling an industrial razor blade; it’s about building relationships of confidence and trust with our clients.