Feb 1, 2024

The latest in Packaging News from TGW tells us that Pet food is a growing industry. Customers are looking for higher-quality, grain-free foods and pet food companies are adapting to changing tastes and packaging preferences to ensure that they capture this market and improve profitability.  The top trends are:

Flat Bottomed, Resealable Bags

Many leading pet food manufacturers have adopted these bags. With a design that incorporates a flat bottom, a tapering side, and a resealable top, these bags are extremely convenient, allowing customers to easily store and scoop pet food. Another benefit of these bags is that they offer a huge amount of real estate for branding. Customers can get a 360-degree view of the package, which allows for more unique and eye-catching designs.

Conveying Product Value with Unique Design and Branding

Today’s pet food customers are looking for high-quality products, so incorporating information about nutritional facts, ingredients, and the materials, such as the type of meat, used to make pet food is critical. Today’s pet owner is looking for a food that contains only the highest-quality ingredients, and packaging manufacturers need to adapt to this trend in order to maintain sales and continue to grow in a highly-competitive market.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design

Just like in the world of human food, there has been a drive toward more sustainable packaging in the pet food industry. Paper bags are becoming very popular, and more companies are beginning to incorporate recycled materials into plastic bags to help reduce their environmental footprint. Using natural ingredients is also a growing trend, as it helps appeal to the same sustainable, eco-friendly attitude.

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