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Injector Blades

Industrial Razor Blades

  • Stainless Steel
    4x life of standard blades
  • Ceramic Coated SS Blades
    8x life of standard razors
  • Boron Carbide Ceramics
    lasts 3/4x standard ceramics
  • Solid Tungsten Carbide
    sharpest edges, reduces new razor
    cost & resharpenable
  • Solid Ceramic Zirconia
    resists corrosive substrates, ideal for adhesive stocks
Item Number Item Description
HTS-IN HT Injector Blade SS..1.50″x .305″x .010″
HTS-INT HT SS Injector Blade-Ceramic Coated..1.50″x .305″x .010″..
HTS-INT OSlot HT SS Ceramic Coated Injector Blade-Open Slots-100 Pkg…1.50″x .305″x .010″
HTS-IN BC HT SS Injector Blade-Boron Carbide Coated..1.50″x .315″x .010″
HTC-IN HT Carbide Injector Blade-No Slots..1.50″x .315″x .010″..
HTCZ-IN HT Ceramic Zirconia Injector Blade-NoSlots..1.50″x .315″x .010″..
HTS-IN.5 HT 1/2 Injector #15BL..0.75″x .305″x .010″..
HTS-IN RF HT SS Injector Blade #10001000040..1.496″x .315″x .010″..

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