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Pelletizer / Reclaim Blades

HT Pelletizer Blades:

Hardedge Tool pelletizer blades are manufactured to meet the exact specs and tolerances of OEM’s. We stock water-ring pelletizer blades from Beringer/ Xaloy, Erema, Gala, Munchy, and NGR, and reclaim blades from Macchi. All of our HT Pelletizer blades are manufactured in D2 tool steel, 10V or M2.

Water-ring Pelletizer blades from Beringer/ Xaloy, Erema, Gala, Munchy & NGR. Reclaim blades from Macchi.

Item Number Blade Description
HP-1.600G-1 HT CPM10V Gala Pelletizer 1Hole..1.600″x .320″x .125″
HP-1.600G-2 HT CPM10V Gala Pelletizer 2Hole..1.600″x .812″x .125″
HP-1.733 NGR HT NGR M-2 Pelletizer Blade..1.733″x .788″x .032″..ID# 6684955
HP-1.771ER HT M-2 Erema Y Pellitizer..1.771″x .925″/.512″x .032″
HP-1.820ER HT M-2 Erema Y Pelletizer..1.820″x .911″x .039″..
HP-2.250ER HT M-2 Erema Bed Knife..2.250/1.677″x 1.575″x .157″..
HP-130mmER HT Erema Sheader Blade-Carbide Inlaid-DB..5.087″x 1.387″x .197″..Model PC 906T
HP-1.900M HT M-2 Macchi Pellitizer Blade..1.900″x .592″x .020″
HP-2.240M HT Munchy 2000 Pelletizer-Spring Steel..2.240″x 1.493″x .015″..
HP-3.250B HT CPM-10V Berringer Pelletizers/WRP-12..3.250″x 1.375″x .035″
HP-4.000B HT CPM 10V Berringer Pellitizer Knife/WRP-36..4.00″x 2.000″x .038″ ..

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