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Slotted Razor / Slitter Blades

Industrial Razor Blades

  • Stainless Steel
    4x life of standard blades
  • Ceramic Coated SS Blades
    8x life of standard razors
  • Boron Carbide Ceramics
    lasts 3/4x standard ceramics
  • Solid Tungsten Carbide
    sharpest edges, reduces new razor
    cost & resharpenable
  • Solid Ceramic Zirconia
    resists corrosive substrates, ideal for adhesive stocks
Item Number Blade Description
HTS-Thin Razor HT SS DE Thin Platinum Blade..Individually Wrapped/500 Pkg..1.50″x .750″x .004″
HTS-10SQ TEF HTS-10 SQ TEF should be 2.25″ x .750″ x .015″
HTCS-10 HT Slotted Carbon DE Razor SQ..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTCS-10 SE HT Slotted Carbon SE Razor SQ..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTCS-10SE .009 HT SE Slotted Razor..2.25″x .750″x .009″
HTCS-10 DE .025 HT Slotted Carbon DE Razors SQ ..2.25″x .750″x .025″
HTCS-10 SE .025″ HT Slotted Carbon SE Razor SQ..2.25″x .750″x .025″
HTS-10 HT SS Razor Slitter-DE Round..2.250″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 SQ HT SS Razor Slitter-DE SQ..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 SQW HT SS Slotted DE Razors-Wrapped..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 T HT SS Ceramic Coated Razor Slitter-DE RD..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 T SQ HT SS Razor Ceramic Coated-DE SQ..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10CN HT SS Slotted Ceramic Blue/Grey Coated Razor..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 RD CN HT SS Ceramic Coated Razor..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 DH HT SS Slotted DE Diamond Hard Razor..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 BC HT SS Slotted Boron Carbide Razor..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 BC Rd. HT SS Slotted Boron Carbide Razor Rd…2.25″X .750″X .015″
HTS-10BC 1/2N HT SS Boron Carbide Slotted Razor-1/2 Notch..1 1/8″x .750″x .015″
HTC-10 HT Carbide Slotted Razor Slitter-DE..2.25″x .750″x.015″
HTC-10 .030 HT Slotted DE Carbide Razor..2.25″x .750″x .030″
HTCZ-10 HT Ceramic Zirconia Razor Slitter..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTCZ-10.025 HT Ceramic Zirconia Razor Slitter..2.25″x .750″x .025″
HTS-10 SQ SE HT SS Slotted Razor Slitter SE..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 SQSE SB HT SS Slotted Razor Slitter SE Single Bevel..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10T SQ SE HT SS Ceramic Coated Razor SQ SE..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 DH SE HT SS Slotted Diamond Hard Razor- SE..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 BCSE HT SS Slotted Boron Carbide Razor SE..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 SESBBC HT SS Slotted Razor Slitter SE Single Bevel Boron Carbide..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 BCSEN HT SS Slotted Boron Carbide Razor SE Full Notch..1.700″x .750″x .015″
HTS-10 SQ SE 10P HT SS Slotted SE Razor-0711 10 per Pack..2.25″x .750″x .015″
HTC-10SE HT Carbide Slotted Razor Slitter SE..2.25″x .750″x .015″

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​Hardedge Tool, Inc. serves Industry Markets with superior Cutting Tools. With over 40 years experience  Most importantly, we can help you improve your cutting process.  We also stock many other cutting blades used in the Film, Foil, Food, Paper, Fiber & Flexible Packaging and converting industries.

We offer Productivity improvements for our Blade program with PVD Ceramic edge coatings. Most noteworthy is our standard Gold-TiN will extend blades life by 4/5 times. While our Boron Carbide Ceramic coating will last 10 times non coated blades, excellent for abrasive films. If your substrate is sticky or gummy, causing a buildup on cutting edge, we offer a 100% Teflon coated razor.

Finally for optimum Blade performance, we offer solid Tungsten Carbide and Zirconia Ceramic blade materials that will perform 60/80% longer than non-coated Razors. Our solid Carbide blades are produced ultra sub micron grain Tungsten Carbide. Extremely wear resistant with hardness of RC 80. Ideal for white films and re-sharpenable for 3/4 additional runs.

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